travel cancellation

Arrival an departure conditions

Arrival and departure can be booked for any day. The booked apartment is ready for occupancy from 17:00. The reception is open until 20:00. If you arrive later, please let us know in advance by phone at 0043-5517-66510.
On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the apartment by 10:00 am.

cancellation policy

Cancellation fees are calculated according to the general terms and conditions of the hotel industry in Austria, as follows:

  •     Up to 1 month before arrival, the cancellation is free of charge.
  •     From 1 month to 1 week before arrival, 70% of the total accommodation price must be paid.
  •     In the last week (or 1 week before arrival) 90% of the total overnight price has to be paid.
  •     If you cancel your reservation within the free cancellation period, we will retain a processing fee of 20 EUR per apartment.

We recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance policy with our partner ERGO Reiseversicherung. Upon request, we will gladly send you a form for insurance coverage by mail. In case of a short-term change of the booking period, such as later arrival or earlier departure, we charge 90% of the remaining accommodation price.

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Free cancellation insurance in case of covid illness or quarantine. For this we recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance with our partner Ergo Reiseversicherung.